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Veteran actors John Ratzenberger and Wallace Shawn have voiced Toy Story’s Hamm and Rex for almost 25 years. Ahead of Toy Story 4 (out June 21), the pair discuss why their Disney/Pixar scene-stealers are suitable for all ages.
Hamm ( center, the pig ) and Rex ( off-center, not the pig ) share their juvenile joie de vivre with the rest of the toy box

THE PIG AND THE T. REX GOT their voices the same way: The architect of Disney/Pixar’s studio-defining Toy Story series simply went with his geek instincts. John Lasseter’s love of Cheers led him to cast John Ratzenberger, famous for his sitcom role as postman Cliff Clavin, as sarcastic piggy bank Hamm; for anxious dinosaur

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