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MSI GS 75 Stealth 8SG
£2,999, MSI aims for its rivals’ jugulars here, with a compact and aesthetically unassuming system that’s a dragon in sheep’s clothing when it comes to performance. Indeed, its ‘Stealth’ moniker tells you exactly the approach MSI has taken, w
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Enjoy The Garden
Perfect both for a sophisticated garden party, and the unsophisticated shenanigans that always seem to follow, Kettler’s parasol multiplies the points it scores from its sun-shading abilities with integrated LED lighting and a cool on-board wireless
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Sony Rx0 II
Despite the rugged design, Sony describes this as a ‘tiny tough’ as opposed to an ‘action camera’. Like the GoPro and DJI, it’s designed for survival and features its own take on image stabilisation, plus some very nifty imaging hardware, but its mor