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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min read
Riding Kit Ridden In, Tools Twirled And Tyres Tested.
These Dainese Axial race-style boots have been part of my kit for the last 13 years. Originally matched with a Dainese suit, these fit under your leathers, not over them. Despite the original suit having long since departed to the kit room in the sky
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min read
There comes a time in every shed dweller’s life when compromise is simply not good enough. When I got into classics long, long ago I was an impoverished dad with three small kids and minimal disposable income. Any bike spares I hoovered up were stor
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics5 min read
Bangs and Balance!
The strangest thing happened to one of my bikes the other day. I was riding down to Sammy Miller’s Museum with my sons Sam and Stephen and we had just stopped at a junction when there was a loud bang like a 12-bore shotgun being fired. We looked at e