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Coyote Alibi

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First in a new series for readers who like Janet Evanovich and Tony Hillerman 


On the edge of the Navajo Nation, rookie paralegal Naomi Manymules pauses on a lakeside cliff top to enjoy a moonlit moment. She hears someone swimming in the darkness far below her, and a boat drifts out of the shadows. When she glimpses something that might be a naked butt shining in the moonlight, she decides to head for home. Only later does she discover that what she'd seen was the bare behind of a murdered sleaze. His passing upsets exactly no one, but, unfortunately, his wife can offer only a coyote for an alibi. The police aren't inclined to look much further for a suspect, so that leaves Naomi and her new boss, attorney Grant Carson, to do the looking. All they have to do is navigate the steady stream of likely culprits who show up in the office—surly teenagers, prominent locals, a good-looking loser worried about
his dog, a mobster or two—and become targets themselves. 


Meet the sleuths: 


Naomi Manymules is bluffing her way into a new paralegal career for which she is not entirely qualified. Luckily, she’s smart and feisty and has lived in Sage Landing all her life, so she knows just about everything that goes on here on the western edge of the Navajo Nation. She’s also got some training and a lot of motivation; as a divorced, thirty-something mom of two, she needs a steady job and wants a stable career. 


Grant Carson is middle-aged, cynical, and handsomely scruffy. He’s a reluctant attorney, a tough ex-prosecutor from Phoenix who has escaped to a remote lakeside town to practice just enough law to augment his small pension. Since arriving in Sage Landing, he's kept company with some attractive women, but the real passion of his life is his old yacht, the Deep Inn. 

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