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Psychological Astrology And The Twelve Houses

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Psychological Astrology and the Twelve Houses will surprise you, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional: Noel Eastwood is an astrologer, tarotist, and a retired psychologist. He approaches astrology as an altered state of consciousness.

He walks you through the houses of the natal chart like a good travel guide who knows that sightseeing is not enough to make a journey memorable, you need to experience the place for yourself: meet the locals in small cafés, discover hidden fountains and secret gardens.

This is a practice-oriented work, Noel takes every opportunity to demonstrate how astrological symbolism translates into the personality of an individual. He picked four well-known figures to illustrate the process of analysis on their charts.

What makes this book truly unique, however, is an invitation to meet your astrological archetypes. To show where such an inner journey can take you, Noel shares his personal meditations as if you were reading his private travel diary. 

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