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211 Powerful Night Prayers that Will Take Your Life to the Next Level: Powerful Prayers & Declarations for Deliverance, Healing, Breakthrough & Release of Your Detained Blessings

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Every man on planet earth desires to be successful, becomes wealthy and enjoy divine health, with money being able to answer to every of his need at every point in time. However, unpleasant powers from Satan tend to hinder the manifestation of this wishful ambition, makes it a mirage, and cause many to wonder why financial lack and other vices stir them on the face! Many have used all known ways they can use to become successful and live happily to no avail, and felt time is fast running out. This is why this book of prayers has been divinely orchestrated your way in this time of immense need.

This book contains over 211 Warfare Prayers on Deliverance and Financial Breakthrough that will give you victory against Satan and his agents, and connect you to unlimited wealth and breakthroughs quickly, when you pray the prayers in this book zealously. These prayers are systematically and spiritually arranged to give you the much needed help.

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