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Working Stiff: The Misadventures of an Accidental Sexpert

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A twenty-two-year-old perennial virgin, Englishman Grant Stoddard didn't know what to do with his life in America—until he won an X-rated online contest, the prize being intercourse with an infamous married sex columnist. He consequently wound up delivering mail at but accidentally found his calling as a gonzo sex reporter who would try any and every lurid activity his crafty coworkers devised—from offering himself up as man-bait at a hard-core gay bar to attending an elite orgy, to being a hapless participant in a sexual home invasion—all the while wishing he could be safely tucked in bed.

Working Stiff is the humble, hilarious, and delightfully salacious fish-into-water story of a young man who followed his heart—and other organs—into places where few would dare to venture.

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Working Stiff - Grant Stoddard

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Wouldn't we all love to have a dream fall into our laps? And then to have the dream turn out to be enjoyable as well? Heaven!! Grant Stoddard falls into a job at writing a column on his sexual adventures called I Did It for Science. He gets placed into situations that the average person may not ever find themselves in, and then writes about it. Sploshing, Leather Camp, and a naked (but no touching) bridge lesson are all included here.I enjoyed the book and Grant's tone, but I would have enjoyed reading more about three years of columns at Nerve. This didn't cover as much as I would have liked it to. Some of the adventures are in here, but it is more about his life in NYC. Fun.
Working Stiff would be an enjoyable book if the author seemed anything but horrified by his job. Grant Stoddard arrives in America with limited aspirations and sexual experience, but after winning a bizarre online contest to have sex with a married porn star, he becomes a sex columnist at the website Thanks to his willingness to do a pornographer he met online, his editors are convinced that he's up for all sorts of sexual hijinks, and soon his job consists of conducting and reporting on a variety of sexual experiments. Young Grant tries out all sorts of public places (subway cars, orgies), unusual practices (like flinging food at sex partners), and mysterious toys (like getting pegged by a strap-on replica of his own penis). I read with growing horror as I realized that Grant enjoyed almost none of these things; in fact, his attitude ranges from deep unease to outright disgust at each of his experiments. Between chapters, he relates more uncomfortable anecdotes from his personal life, like the time he took the virginity of one of his sex column's readers, only to have her cry and ask if all sex was that awkward. I could never understand why Stoddard insisted on inflicting such miserable experiences on himself, much less why he would want to share the in a forum as public as a memoir. I couldn't make it to the end.