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Renee And Jay

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There are worse places a saucy single gal could be stranded in the biggest winter storm to hit southwestern Virginia in years. Here at Luchesi's restaurant, Renee can fill up on hot breadsticks and spiked mocha cappuccino—and she can check out Giovanni Anthony Luchesi, the finest man this side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But damn, if it doesn't stop snowing soon, she's gonna wind up in big trouble, what with all the amaretto and candlelight.

Days later, the ice isn't all that's melting in Roanoke. Renee's gone and fallen for the whitest white boy she's ever met. Now she feels like she's living a Julia Roberts movie with an interracial twist and gentle Giovanni, with his slow, seductive hands and spicy kisses, as her leading man. Renee always was a sucker for happy endings. Now, with a make-do ring from Giovanni on her finger, her own seems guaranteed. What can possibly go wrong?

Riotous, ardent, and packed with surprises, RENEE AND JAY is Romeo and Juliet for the millennium—a tale that proves true love can turn up in the last place—and face—where you'd ever expect to find it. . .

"An update of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with a twist."—Essence

"Deeply explores the problems confronting interracial couples from within and from loving relatives who genuinely want the best for their beloved."

The Midwest Book Review

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