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One of These Days

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Charles and Shelia have held secret crushes on each other since their teenage years, but never approached each other until they see each other at the wedding of his sister and her brother. This time, when the opportunity presents itself, Shelia is determined to make the now successful singer notice her as a woman. After spending time together, they realize that their attractions are still strong and they jump a little impulsively at a second chance to be together. Secretly, they elope rather than separate to either side of the country without validating their love. Shelia, however, feels that she has to keep their marriage a secret from their families, and convinces Charles that it is for the best.

Pictures of Charles and his mystery girlfriend, who is wearing an expensive and exquisite diamond ring and wedding band are spread all over the cover of a national tabloid, but her family doesn't realize that it's her. She keeps the secret. When her family finds out that she's pregnant, they begin to talk about wedding bells, but she holds in her guilt, listens to their hints, and keeps her secret. However, when she's leaving from her visit to Charles in New York on Valentine's Day for one of his final concerts, she is involved in an automobile accident and loses the baby. Charles sends a plane to Chicago for their families. He goes to the hospital to see her, and they have an argument because her grief was so deep for the loss. And she didn't feel his was deep enough. Charles leaves in a huff, rushing to his own flight to begin the final leg of his tour schedule. His plane crashes on take-off, leaving him severely hurt and unconscious. Shelia is given medication after her family comes, and they hear of the news.

After Charles' surgery, the doctor hears him speak of his wife in his medicated state. Desperate to get to her husband, Shelia finally confesses the truth to both of their families, then goes to wait by her husband's side as he awakens.

One year later, they celebrate their anniversary in the house that he built for her in the grove where they first made love, where she gave him her virginity and her love. He presents her with keys to her very own Mercedes Benz. She presents him with a silver baby rattle.

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