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Appointment in Dallas: The Final Solution to the Assassination of JFK

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Reprinted Edition

"When I first brought the President's head into my telescopic sight, he was leaning forward at an appreciable angle.  My crosshairs were exactly on the back of his skull. . . ."

With these chilling words the man who fired the fatal shot that killed President John F. Kennedy revealed his role in the assassination to the law-enforcement officer who had hunted him for nearly a decade. In this classic exposé, veteran cop Hugh C. McDonald offers a gripping firsthand account of his personal journey into the dark heart of an unthinkable conspiracy--to bring to light these and other shocking revelations:

The astonishing truth about the shooter on the Grassy Knoll.

How security lapses allowed an armed assassin easy access to Dealey Plaza.

The fallacy of the "Single Bullet" theory.

Who fired the bullets that killed JFK, who fired the bullets that didn't.

Through the dramatic perspective of an eyewitness to history, Appointment in Dallas provides essential insights into the who, why, and how of the JFK murder, finally answering the questions that have consumed the American public for decades.

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