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Sundancer's Woman

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"Sheer, unadulterated pleasure. . ..Written from the heart." --Jennifer Blake

A Mother's Sacrifice

Ruthlessly kidnapped, Elizabeth Fleming has endured nine years as an English slave to a Seneca warrior. Only devotion to her two small children, fathered in captivity, have brought her comfort. But now, a handsome stranger has come to free her—whether she wants it or not. For her son and daughter must stay behind. Elizabeth can only hope the man is as kind as he is bold—and that the desire he awakens in her does not divert her from her course. . .

A Woman's Heart

More Indian than white, Hunt Campbell was sure that rescuing Elizabeth was a fool's errand. She'd no longer be the girl her father remembered. And he was right. Elizabeth was a grown woman—more courageous and beautiful than Hunt imagined. And more stubborn. For after one thrilling, intimate night together, Elizabeth flees to save her children. But now Hunt knows it is his destiny to risk his life for her mission—and her love. . .

"A masterful storyteller." --Rendezvous

150,000 Words

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