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7 Simple Success Secrets: A Step by Step Guide to Getting Whatever You Want in Record Time!

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Are you getting everything you want out of your life? Are you TRULY successful? Would you like to get closer to finding YOUR version of SUCCESS? This book will help you to get exactly that.

(Please NOTE: This is 4,000 word article. It is packed with valuable information but presented very succinctly)

My name is Fred Gleeck. For more about me, please check

I have been VERY successful in my life. According to MY standards. And, that's ONE of the keys. You need to determine what success is to you. There is no "standard" definition.

In this book, you'll learn:

* How to create your own definition of success
* Techniques to help you put your past in the PAST
* Dealing with friends and family as you try to get to success
* 3 elements of staying in shape and the physical is just one of them
* Getting over life's traumatic events
* And, much, much, MORE!

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