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British Hang Gliding History 'The Golden Years from 1971 to 1981'.

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The British Hang Gliding History (The Golden Years) 1971 to Terry Aspinall
This book covers the invention of the Modern Hang Glider by John Dickenson in Grafton N.S.W. Australia in 1963, and of how it reached the United Kingdom in 1971. It then covers the first ten years as each Chapter is a separate Timeline for a particular year. It also contains an article on how the Towing of Hang Gliders was invented, a method that is still used to this day. While another Chapter concentrates on how Powered Hang Gliding that became known as Microlighting in the UK, and Ultralighting to the rest of the world got started and was developed. Once again the so called Trike design is still used to this day as are many other designs. For Tablet, Ipad and Iphone users there are live URL hyperlinks to websites and Photo Galleries. While others take you to a collection of the early 'Wings' Hang Gliding Magazines, and the early 'Flight Line' Microlight magazines.

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