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The Healing Power of the Holy Spirit: The Healing Shepherd's Manual of Ways to Receive and Share Physical, Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual Healing - Revised and Updated Edition

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Sick of being sick? It is hard to carry on if you or someone close to you is chronically unwell. This challenging and inspirational book may save your life or that of a loved one.
While the power of prayer and spirituality for healing has been recognised, not only by the American Academy of Family Physicians, but by more than 100 of the USA's leading university medical schools including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Dartmouth and Ohio State, what impact is it having on our lives, homes, communities or congregations today?

Dr Garrie Fraser Williams, who was remarkably healed as a young man, shows from Biblical and Christian literature, history and more than forty years personal experience of teaching, research and ministry in many countries, how true healing can be experienced and shared by all who have faith in the mighty power of the Holy Spirit of God. Packed with exciting true life stories of hope and healing and life changing information, this revised and updated edition of The Healing Power of the Holy Spirit, is thoroughly researched and carefully connected to the Scriptures. Here is positive, practical help for all people seeking healing for themselves or a loved one, or to be involved in successful Healing Shepherd ministry for others.

Explore the answers to such questions as: What connection is there between Divine healing and the use of medical science and natural health principles? Is healing always dependent on a sick person's faith? Can miraculous healing be only instantaneous? Is there fake healing and if so how would it be recognized? Why has some healing prayer caused the sick more pain?

This challenging and inspirational, non-denominational book also examines the vital question of whether Healing Shepherd ministry, which was modelled by Jesus Christ and was prominent in the establishment of Christianity, should still be the focus of Christian congregations, clergy and spiritually gifted Christian believers today.

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