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Danny Boy Stories: Writer Baby Steps, An Essay for Beginners

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This essay is for the beginning fiction writer of any age, or as a help for those embarking on creative writing for the first time. It is not a complete instruction or all the necessary information needed for a successful writing career.

Tips herein will give the beginner a basic understanding necessary to begin writing for pleasure or profit. Included are two sections you may find helpful: 1) A Writing Exercise (Chapter 3); and, 2) Publishing On-Line (Chapter 5).

Throughout this essay you will find web sites and some suggested publications to help you. Be aware, there are many on-line places to find suggestions and helpful articles written by those who are already successful.

This essay does not suggest a list of available literary agents or publishers, and will be most valuable to those intending to self-publish.

We hope you will use this essay as one of your resources.

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