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The Complete Guide To Successfully Managing Your Child’s Sports Career

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This outstanding new publication, updated in January of 2018, is designed for parents like you - Sports Parents who care deeply about their kids and how they participate and enjoy extracurricular activities, from debate club to little league. If you want to help your kids succeed and you want to be a better sports parent this book is the perfect tool for you.
Written by the Co-Founder of Team mom-n-dad Inc., (creators of Youth Sports Coach Locator), Jack Bennett is a parent of three highly successful sports-minded kids sharing over 35 years of his experience.
“Team” mom-n-dad leads us to focus on sports, but the tips and skills you learn here are to support your kids in any and ALL activities they enjoy.”
This book will help you do as much as you can for your kids in a positive, rewarding way in all sports and activities. It is a well known fact that kids who participate in sports and lots of extracurricular activities are well rounded. And kids whose parents support and participate, on ANY level with their kids, reach higher levels of performance.
If you want to connect with your kids you need the help, support and talents of many, and this book does just that. The Complete Guide To Successfully Managing Your Child’s Sports Career is the perfect forum for you to read, learn and apply. And if you do, your kids will have more fun... and the more fun they have, the more fun you’ll have!
Taking care of kids is hard, but anything worth doing, having or accomplishing is hard! You don’t have to do it alone.

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