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This was the first collection I put together in the Autumn of 1998, drawing on things I’d written since about 1985. It’s in two sections Muthos and Logos – muthos is ‘anything delivered by word of mouth’, hence it refers to narratives: ‘myths’ are narrative accounts that form the basic belief systems of cultures. They are ‘what we believe’ in story form. Logos is the expression of thought, design or purpose. From it we derive ‘logic’, logo’, ‘logistics’, etc. In a manner of speaking, logos prescribes while muthos describes.
Right. That’s clear then.
Muthos: Spring Light, Past Midnight, Sisters of Mercy, Antigone, Involute, Monster Poem and Mary Magdalene.
Logos: Alchemy, Loss, Light, Voyager, Moses and Carpenter.
I think you can work the rest out.

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