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A little bit in English o(de)r ein bisschen Deutsch with exercises for beginning German language learners

109 pages1 hour


This e-book is aimed at beginning German language learners and it offers simple stories with language that can easily be integrated in everyday routines. When reading the stories you will extend your vocabulary and at the same time broaden your grammatical awareness of the foreign language.

If you are more confident with your language ability, or when you have read through the paragraph by paragraph versions a few times, you can skip to Section 2 where the stories are presented in their entirety. The reader should aim to read the entire story in the language of your choice and know each and every word.

In this book you can test how well you know your new language. We removed different parts of speech that you should fill in. You may do this in your head; however we recommend you spell the words out to get the most benefit. In addition, you should identify any rules of grammar that are relevant (gender, case, singular or plural).

We hope you enjoy practicing your new language and that you find this book useful.

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