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Jesus is the Ladder

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The author expounds how Jesus used an Old Testament vision to explain His human presence on the earth as our substitute and Redeemer. Using the same kind of approach He explains the steps necessary in order to grow in grace. The book is in two sections. In section one he explains why Jesus had to become the Son of Man in order to bring about our redemption. He gives 7 steps of Jesus from birth to His Sitting at the right hand of the Father.
Section number two has to do with the admonition of the apostle Peter on how to become a mature Christian. This is a powerful study that I think will be, not only profitable, but a pleasure to read. He tried desperately to make this not only biblical but interesting with practical illustrations as well as bit of humor.
If you are seeking to know the truth on how you can become a born-again Christian or you are saved and desire to please God more, this is your book

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