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Mandela on My Mind

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An examination of the ideas and thoughts of Nelson Mandela as seen through his many writings and interviews. His wise and insightful words about so many topics are interwoven with commentary and reflections of many others whose lives were impacted by his. People around the world have paid their tributes to Mandela and his ability to overcome almost insurmountable obstacles in his life to bring about change to South Africa. Through his words and the words of others we gain insight into how he succeeded against the odds and became a world leader who inspired the best in everyone. His impactful words are his greatest legacy as they survive his death to give encouragement to all of us to face challenges and overcome them. The South Africa he dreamt of is still being built but beyond his own country he offers object lessons to others as well. We can learn a great deal from his wisdom and if we put it into practice, we, too, can help bring about change for the better - not just a 'rainbow nation' but a 'rainbow world' at peace with itself.

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