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The Last Oracle

339 pages6 hours


Escaping from her desert prison, Amara flags down the first rescue option she sees. She will do anything to save her wounded companion and the precious cargo she carries, even if it means dealing with a crusty bitter man.

The crusty bitter man is Max Griffin, a millionaire entrepreneur striving to break a world flight record in the Sahara Desert. Like a hero of Amara's dreams, he defends her against her evil master and sweeps her to safety.

But Max is no hero. He hides a dark secret that makes him shun the spotlight and the touch of a beautiful woman. He will do his best to get Amara out of Egypt and keep her safe, but he can never allow the alluring oracle to get close enough to really see him.

As Max and Amara flee across the Mediterranean Sea to Greece and beyond, they find it impossible to resist the sparks that fly between them. But to love a mortal man, Amara must give up her dream of freedom. Is Max Griffin worth the sacrifice?

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