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Feng Shui: The Key Concepts

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Feng Shui - The Key Concepts has sold over 50,000 paperback copies since first published in 1995. The easy to read book overviews all the ideas of feng shui, gives examples of how you can apply it successfully and tells stories about clients who have applied the concepts and found some wonderful "coincidental" changes happen in their lives. You can improve your wealth, relationship & and career.
The chapters include
1. History of Geomancy & Feng Shui
2. Elements of Geomancy
3. Feng Shui Defined
4. Feng Shui and the External Environment
5. Shape and Feng Shui
6. Nine Basic Cures
7. Classical Feng Shui Concepts & Rules
8. Clutter, Energy & Maintenance
plus information on other Feng Shui concepts, Electromagnetic Fields,Natural Earth Energies and Dowsing.

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