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Over Sequetus 3

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This is also the second book in the New Earth Miniseries. As more detail, the extraterrestrial intelligence agent on Earth, or Sequetus 3, as it is called out there, has been commissioned by his patron, Lorde Hymondy III. It is at the peak of the Cold War. The agent has to prepare an intelligence-estimate, and give his findings and solutions back to his patron, on what is really going on, on this small planet. He finds the solar system busy with traffic to and from Earth. Plus, he finds the world governments in denial that there are races out there, while the most simple evidence shows otherwise. Earth is also listed as a no-go status for out there. Plus, the planet is not anywhere near being recommended for intragalactic intervention.

The worst, is that people on Earth live extraordinarily short lives, as though they were engineered that way, and they also have a runaway population growth. Follow our character in this next book of the Sequetus Series. His methods to find out what is happening are perhaps unorthodox, and yes he lacks polish. He is almost arrested, shot at, and kidnapped.

This book has illustrations, a beefy glossary, and more. Enjoy it as you are now getting to feel of the Sequetus System. As a side note, this book was originally penned in 1989, the height of the Cold War. It has taken from then until now to complete all 23 volumes. It is a classic.

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