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The Lamtin Star

178 pages2 hours


After escaping an underground prison and surviving the battle with Bollen. Iseac travels to the city of Ditra-Vashine to deliver a message to the King and discovers Gaid’dum's plan already in motion. The palace in the Northern Kingdom had been attacked including the royal family.
Discovering the secret behind the strike leads Iseac in search of a young assassin named Merik. He needs to get to him before Gaid’dum’s men, as Merik’s next job could be his last.
Samuel joins the Anamerian in search of the two that will help him stop Gaid’dum as he deals with the turmoil of his own unlocking. A new and more powerful enemy will emerge, uniting the armies of the Agoras and Golians who have long been forgotten. They prepare to sweep over the land with the blood of men and this time break the Anamerian from within his inner circle, beginning with the society of patrons.

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