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The Ministry of a Prophet: Ministry Gifts, #3

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This powerful book, which is volume 3 in the Ministry Gifts series of 7 volumes, makes available God’s answers to questions like:

Who is a prophet?

What are the 7 signs of a true prophet?

What are the 10 ways of executing the ministry of a prophet effectively?

What are the 10 wrong notions about the ministry of a prophet?

What are the 10 important truths you should know about the ministry of a prophet?

What is the difference between the prophetic call and the prophetic office?

What are the differences between Old Testament and New Testament prophets?

How does one interpret visions and dreams?

What are the 8 ways to avoid yielding to a wrong spirit as a prophet?

How can a prophet of mammon correct his ways?

It also contains the foundation of the prophetic ministry of Tosin Olumide and a prophetic message to the nation of Nigeria by Segun Olumide.


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