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Judgment Not Included

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Crime and Mental Health – Judgment Not Included is all about unbalanced people that commit heinous crimes. It discusses in detail crime and mental health, unbalanced, unbalanced people, mentally ill, mentally disturbed people, mental health issues, and mental disorders as they pertain to crimes committed by unbalanced people. Written by one of the nation’s leading behavioral scientists, Dr. Leland Benton is the author of over two dozen self-help books and nonfiction behavioral science texts. He is a best-selling Amazon author with over 200-books published on Amazon alone. You need to read this book because it teaches you how to protect yourself from unbalanced people as well as why unbalanced people do the things they do. This intriguing book leaves no stone unturned regarding the current events such as the Boston Marathon bombing, the Aurora, Colorado theater shootings, Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings and more.

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