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Loving Ms. Wrong (Walk on the Wild Side: Best Friends, #2)

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Latest addition to the Walk on the Wild Side series!

Readers wanted a story for Marcus, and we listened.

Katrina attends a birthday party for her friend Carla. Little does the health food storeowner know that the fateful girls night out will change her life forever.

Marcus, the polished metrosexual who hates to get his hands dirty, stumbles upon the ladies at a local bar. Sparks fly when the two meet, courtesy of a 12-sided sex dice and a night neither one will ever forget.

Reading Order of the Walk on the Wild Side series:

Heather and Tony's story:

Vanilla On Top Vanilla Twist Vanilla Spice (2015)

Best Friend Books:

Avoiding Mr. Right (Carla's story) Loving Ms. Wrong (Marcus's story)

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