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The Medal



Stricken by amnesia, Ben McQueen must confront his own past to escape a bitter conflict south of the border

Isabella is on her way to bury her husband when the Comanche attack. Already half-mad from grief, she tumbles into delirium after the first wave of the assault, raving as her servant, the freed slave Zion, fights off the Indians with his shotgun. As the ammunition runs low, Zion prays for a miracle. He gets Ben McQueen.

His memory gone, his body weary, McQueen has nothing to remind him of his past but the medal that hangs around his neck—a token that George Washington gave to Ben’s grandfather. McQueen may not remember who he is, he still knows how to fight. With his help, Zion and Isabella may be able to escape the Comanche. But it will take more than a lucky medal for this unlikely trio to escape Mexico alive.

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