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Psychic Development/Metaphysical Education 101 - How to Communicate with Those in Spirit

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This is the first book in a series dedicated to Psychic Development/Metaphysical Education. It will have you communicating with your Spirit Guides and Teachers quickly! No experience necessary. Step-by-step techniques and easy to understand explanations give you a solid foundation for safely contacting your Spirit Guides. You need to know the basics, which include protection and knowing how to recognize that you are speaking with a positive Spirit. Wendy shares her knowledge from over 25 years of research so you will know what to expect as you build a relationship with those in Spirit. If your intent is to contact your Guides, the techniques in this book will work well for you. If you are more concerned with raising your spiritual vibration, ""How to Raise Your Vibration & Strengthen Your Intuition" is what you need as it explains important techniques that are different from this book. Both books contain some similar information however, the technique used for each goal is different.

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