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Money Is an Effect and Not a Cause

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How to Handle Money - Money Is an Effect and Not a Cause
is all about how to handle money, managing personal
finances, money management tips, wealth management,
and money management. It is not only understanding
what money is and does and why so many people fail
to achieve financial independence, but it is also
learning about finance. How to Handle Money - Money
Is an Effect and Not a Cause is a book on wealth
acquisition but more importantly what it takes to
not only acquire wealth but also how to keep it.
Written by one of the nation’s leading behavioral
scientists, Dr. Leland Benton approaches wealth
acquisition from a standpoint of mindset and
psychological attraction. He demonstrates the
leading causes for failure in business and failure
to attain wealth using his own case studies gleamed
from his 31-year career as a mind researcher. His
principles are not only proven science but easy to
understand and implement. If you have a desire to
gain wealth and become financially independent, you
need to read this book. Money is an effect and not
a cause!

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