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Bind Our Loving Souls

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There s only one word to describe Sarafina s life ordinary until a man from another world falls right out of the sky and changes everything, because it s love at first sight. Fresh out of high school, Sarafina has no idea what she wants to do with her life. So when she s offered a well-paying job as a pianist in a grand manor, it seems like everything is finally falling into place.

But there s a catch it s in Norway, and it s for the seemingly dangerous family of this unworldly man called Enock. It s crazy and completely out of character, but she makes the decision to leave her very ordinary life behind and chase an extraordinary love halfway around the world.

Unfortunately when she arrives, nothing is as it seems. And after uncovering the grisly fate of a human and alien who once fell in love, Sarafina is left to question everything. Ultimately she must decide: Does she walk away and live the rest of her life full of regret, or does she risk it all for an eternal love humans can only dream of finding?

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