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Stock Market for Beginners Book: Step By Step Basics Explained For Beginners

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The aim of this book is to guide the beginners when they start investing in stocks. This ebook covers the basics for the beginners such that they can avoid costly mistakes at the very start and make sound decisions when they buy and sell the stocks.

The basis of this book is my own struggle to get the right advice. Though I learned a lot while investing and had a lot of failures. This steep learning curve can be a bit challenging and it with this perspective I have penned my advice and thoughts into this book.

There are a lot of questions which as stock market for beginners you would like to get answered. This ebook covers the stock market basics such as:

What are stocks ?
What are the stock exchanges ?
Where to trade ? Online vs full service brokers
What are other instruments available to invest ?
How to manage your money and investments ?
What are ETF's ?
What is basic stock market terminology that you need to understand as a beginner in the stock market ?
Special spotlight sections give indepth study on specific events and what you can learn from them ?

Happy Investing !

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