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The Mindset of Achievement -- How to Achieve Any Goal and Build on It: A Book About Mindset & Mental Fitness, Motivation & Goals, Habits, and Everything Else It Takes to Succeed Longterm

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The Psychology of Achievement is about reaching goals, sustaining them, then building on them. It's about the realities of motivation, goal-setting, time management, and everything else related to "mindset" that it takes to succeed long-term in any serious endeavor. 

Author Scott Abel argues that it's not enough to beat yourself down achieving a goal, only to then be so worn out that you have no willpower and can't be motivated to actually sustain it. You need to first enact a mindset shift -- what Scott calls the psychology of achievement. 

If you’ve ever achieved something (e.g. weight loss) only to find you couldn’t sustain the success, this book is for you. It has chapters on habits and routines, motivation, getting out of “ruts,” fear of failure, mastery and much more. 

This is not a self-help book that promises a "formula" for success and personal motivation. It's a book that argues you need courage, a willingness to accept what you need to do, a willingness to learn to enjoy the process, all while of course doing things like controlling your emotions (so they don't control you), getting control of your habits and your time, and aligning your motivation with your goals. 

The Psychology of Achievement has chapters on: 

• Courage 
• Getting out of "ruts" 
• Focus, Self-Talk, and Self-Critique 
• Nine paradoxes of the psychology of achievement 
• Visualization 
• Preparation and lack of preparation 
• Fear of failure 
• Focus, habits, and routine 
• "Mastery" 
...and much more 

Get The Psychology of Achievement today, and learn the mindset it takes to both achieve and build on your goals!

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