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International Conference on Infrared Physics (CIRP): Proceedings of a Conference Held in Zurich, 11–15 August 1975

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International Conference on Infrared Physics (CIRP) is a collection of papers from the proceedings of a conference held in Zurich on August 11-15, 1975.
The book reviews the study of thermal radiation with emphasis on the spectral energy density of small blackbody cavities. The text also deals with the concept of density of states of quantum-size effects in statistical mechanics of finite non-interacting systems. One paper discusses the interaction of radiation with matter, while another presentation reviews the theory of cavity radiation based on multiple reflections within the cavity. The book then presents developments in infrared detectors, particularly the performance of photon and thermal detectors in the heterodyne mode. One paper examines the materials that can be used for making filters in the far infrared region using a Michelson interferometer to determine the region of spectra and a germanium bolometer as the detector. The book then cites an example where a high resolution Michelson interferometer is used on a NASA C141 infrared airborne telescope where scientists study the far infrared emission lines from the HII regions.
The collection will prove useful to nuclear physicists and scientists, academicians, and researchers whose works are concerned with infrared physics and engineering.

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