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Microbial Safety of Fishery Products

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Microbial Safety of Fishery Products discusses the many aspects of the safety of marine products from a microbiological and toxicological standpoint.
This book emphasizes the objectives and requirements for the marketing of safe and wholesome fish and fishery products; status of the sanitary quality of fishery products in the Western Hemisphere; and fishery resources of the Caribbean and their potential. The microbiological considerations in the handling and processing of molluskan shellfish; microbiology of prepared and precooked fishery products; and some toxins occurring naturally in marine organisms are also elaborated. This text likewise covers the enteric pathogens in estuary waters and shellfish; control of prepared fishery products in industry; and aflatoxins as contaminants of feeds, fish, and foods.
This publication is a good reference for food scientist and nutritionists researching on the sanitary quality of fishery products.

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