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Immunological Methods: Volume IV

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Immunological Methods, Volume IV provides information pertinent to the methods in immunological research. This book focuses on cells, clones, and cell lines, as well as on their components and secreted products.

Organized into 21 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of hybridoma methodology as the most celebrated immunological method. This text then discusses cell fusion, hybridoma technology, and everything related to monoclonal antibodies. Other chapters consider another molecular biology method, which describes the procedure required for establishing a partitioned cDNA-library. This book provides as well a comprehensive analysis of mRNA populations in which every messenger species appears as a distinct element, and so provides accurate answers to questions concerning genetic complexity. The final chapter provides an example of how transgenic mice can be used to study the development of T cell repertoires.

This book is a valuable resource for cell biologists, scientists, immunologists, and research workers.

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