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Wisdom from the Word: A Reference With 700 Unique Topics to Enhance Bible Study for Students and Teachers

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"I've had the privilege to preach the Word for over forty years and to counsel numerous people. Dr. Robert Gullbergs' Wisdom from the Word is an accurate, comprehensive, and useful tool for any type of Bible study- personal devotions, life group, class, or sermon preparation. It is also a valuable tool for Biblical counseling." - Pastor Jerry Worsham, former Senior Pastor, Grace Church, Racine Wisconsin, and graduate of Wheaton College, MA in Biblical Studies; as well as Loyola University, MA in Counseling Psychology in Marriage and Family.

Wisdom from the Word is much more than a concordance that you can find in most Bibles. It is a compilation of vital study notes from three decades of Bible study. It contains detailed sections on end times and on the book of Revelation. In over 700 pages, Wisdom from the Word discusses over 700 important topics carefully selected for use in Bible study and teaching. There are hundreds of pertinent stories, quotes, illustrations and examples that help to elucidate these relevant topics. Done in an alphabetical manner, it is easy to find any subject quickly.
Dr. Gullberg has been an active member of an evangelical Christian church throughout his life and has taught small group Bible Studies continually during that time span over many decades. He thrives on teaching Scriptural truths to students (no matter what age) who want to delve into God's word. Robert has "sat at the feet" of numerous and highly educated pastors over the years including Pastor Jerry Worsham, Pastor Rusty Hayes, Reverend John Schindler, and Pastor Joel Lindsey. Wisdom from the Word is a great addition to your library, and an excellent resource for the Bible student and the Bible teacher.

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