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My First Book About Turtles: Amazing Animal Books - Children's Picture Books

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Table of Contents

Turtles Parts
Turtle Defense
Turtles As Pets
Turtle Care
What does a Tortoise eat?
Turtle Habitat
Types of Turtles
Desert Tortoise
Sea Tortoise
Giant Tortoise
Green Turtles
Box Turtle
Loggerhead Turtle
Interesting Facts about the Tortoise
Turtle Facts


Turtles are a reptile.

Its body is protected by a bony shell.

There are two main groups of turtles:

1. Sea Turtle: This kind of turtle is big in size and are found in the Ocean.
2. Fresh Water Turtle: This turtle also called a tortoise and lives on the land. They are smaller than the Sea turtles.

The size of turtles can be from an inch to 6 feet!
Turtles can live for a long time, more than a 150 years.

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