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Delicate Cutters

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In a land far away (the suburbs), in a time long ago (1991), when DVDs were not around, MP3s were a dream, and movies were hardly remade, there was a girl wrapped in metal who was stuck between two worlds.

The girl's art is make-up F/X and her obsession is horror movies. No one understands her except her best friend Danny. But Danny doesn't know about her cutting. No one does.

When Heather moves back into town, she starts up their once longtime friendship again. Heather is beautiful, popular, and confident, and she doesn't say anything bad about the girl's odd interests; at least when she's sober. Hoping to make her life easier, the girl tries to bring Heather and Danny together, but they just don't socialize well. They're two different worlds and the girl is stuck in the middle.

On New Years Eve the girl has to choose between Heather and Danny. They're both in danger and in need her help. Will she be able to help them when she can't even help herself?

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