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Understand Business Statistics

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Are you the owner of a large company? No? Perhaps a manager, then?

Maybe you aren’t. Maybe you are just a simple shop owner.
Either way, this book is the one for you.

Business statistics is something that is of the utmost importance for you to learn about if you want to successfully continue with your career, and gives the whole enterprise a boost.

What you’ll learn in this book:

What, exactly, business statistics is
The purpose of business statistics
Types of Business Statistics
Collection of Primary and Secondary Data
Analysis of Collected Data

If you really want to step up in terms of your career, you cannot waste another minute or even another second of your precious time.


IntroBooks delivers up to the minute information covering everything on a topic in only one hour of reading. This book is written to give essential information in a straight-to-the-point, easy to read format. We have cut out technical jargon, waffle and unnecessary filler to ensure you get the essential information you need to achieve your goals with confidence.

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