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The Charlie Muffin Thrillers



The un-Bond-like British spy is back—from a multimillion-selling author who “hauls you aboard and won’t let you off until the roller coaster stops” (Los Angeles Times).
“If Brian Freemantle isn’t the best writer of spy novels around, he’s certainly, along with John le Carré, in the top two.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer
In his long-running Charlie Muffin series, Freemantle gives us an atypical British spy. Charlie is neither high cultured nor well mannered. He’s working-class, scruffy, and fond of a drink. But he gets the job done . . .
The Run Around: It could be the most sensational defection of all time. The head of the KGB’s cipher section comes with every code, every plot, and every secret. But his most startling disclosure of all is that the Russians are planning a shocking assassination. But the defector doesn’t know who, where, when, or how. All Charlie knows is that he must stop the murder from happening—without being marked for death himself.
“Freemantle surpasses his earlier acclaimed thrillers.” —Publishers Weekly
Comrade Charlie: Charlie uncovers a last-gasp plot from the collapsing Soviet Union. The signs point to a new Soviet Star Wars system—and to the involvement of a British traitor. But can he trust the intel? Or does the KGB want one more chance to set up their old adversary? His nemesis, Berenkov, sets a nasty trap using Natalia Fedova as bait, and as the Soviet regime crumbles, it could take Charlie down with it . . .
“Intricate, funny and highly satisfying.” —Publishers Weekly
Charlie’s Apprentice: Following the end of the Cold War, Charlie is tasked with training new recruits. When one of his trainees is arrested within days of arriving in Beijing to extract a blown British agent, Charlie must go to China and get both of them out. Meanwhile, his former lover Natalia Fedova is searching for him—with a daughter she says is his.
“Superior work from a master of the form.” —Publishers Weekly
Bomb Grade: It has been more than five years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Britain’s cagiest spy is beginning to feel obsolete—until he’s assigned to Russia one more time. The British government needs him to go undercover as an arms dealer to retrieve 250 kilograms of uranium stolen from their nuclear silos. To complicate the explosive situation, heading the anti-smuggling unit is none other than his old flame, Natalia Fedova.
“Once again, Freemantle confirms his place as one of the masters of the genre. Thumbs-up for his latest—it’s everything an espionage thriller should be.” —Booklist

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