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"Wisdom, The Guide To True Freedom “100 Life Tips”"

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"Wisdom, The Guide To True Freedom “100 Life Tips”"
It is of no coincidence you are reading these words when you could have chosen any one of a million other motivational or spiritual self help books in worldwide circulation offering affirmations and inspiration for personal success. We are happy you found us, “Welcome,” and enjoy your experience; be ready to enhance your world and find and keep your Freedom and Happiness. "Wisdom, The Guide To True Freedom “100 Life Tips"" is one in a series of 4 books, concerning insights and wisdom for those seeking truths and another perspective on Living life. Enclosed you will discover a collection of about 100 short, simple yet profound messages from Guidance. We are of one mind and purpose. The content and opinions given are for the betterment of individuals. When the old way no longer serves our needs, it is time to seek alternatives. This holds true for business and the busy-ness of ever day life. It took a long time for humanity to realize that the Earth was not flat. Once they did, the world opened up and seemed infinite and the life experience did the same. It just took a Change in the Belief Systems of a few individuals to change the world.

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