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Russian Reader: Elementary. The Adventure of the Speckled Band by Arthur Conan Doyle (Adapted graded Russian reader) (Russian edition)

26 pages11 minutes


All Russian Readers include stress accents in the Russian text, Russian-English vocabulary and understanding questions at the end of each chapter.

The series is published at six levels - Starter, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate; Upper-intermediate and Advanced.

The number of words at each level:

Starter (A1) - 300-600 unique words;
Elementary (A2) - 600-1000 unique words;
Pre-intermediate (A1-A2) - 1000-1400 unique words;
Intermediate (B1) - 1400-1700 unique words;
Upper-intermediate (B2) - 1700-2200 unique words;
Advanced (C1) - 2200-3000 unique words.

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