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Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

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First She Wanted Naughty...

Madison Greenwood's first post-college Christmas is more Sex and the City than It's a Wonderful Life. Sure, she does the home-for-the-holidays thing, but with her cynical gay pal Leo tagging along, her mom confessing to an extramarital affair, and every guy she ever dated (or lusted after) in high school beating a hot path to her front door, the movie of her life is anything but G-rated. Still, a girl's got to sow her wild oats while she can, right?

...Then She Wanted Nice...

Five years later, Madison's more interested in nesting than sowing, and the Christmas of her twenty-sixth year finds her looking forward to the gift of a proposal. Her Scottish boyfriend, Ian, is an impressionistic sort of way. The idea of him--his looks, his career, his to-die-for accent--fuels fantasies of home, hearth, and a whole new life across the Pond. Too bad the reality is a sham. A married sham.

...Now All She Wants For Christmas Is The Real Thing

By the ripe old age of thirty-one, Madison would like to believe she's learned something about relationships. About what she really wants, and what she sure as hell doesn't need.  As the holidays roll around once more, she's grateful, as always, for the blessing of good friends, but lonely for that one special person. The one she might just find under the mistletoe the minute she stops looking...

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