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Your Man Chose Me

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Chicks are always screaming, “Leave my man alone!" but in reality, they need to be checking their men. Tiana Caldwell is not falling for that foolery. She lives by the code that if your man wanted you, he would not stray. She doesn't care if the man she is in love with turns out to be her best friend's man.

Ayana Beasley has it all wrong. She thinks that good sex and babies will help her hold on to the man she loves. That is, until she realizes that he is in love with another woman. Broken and hurt, Ayana turns to the one person she thinks she can trust: her best sister-friend, Tiana Caldwell.

Watch the drama unfold between these two women who share the same bed, share clothes, and eat out of the same pot, as they compete for one man. It's winner takes all, and these ladies are playing for keeps. How will it end? Will they throw away their friendship over a man, or will they both walk away from him?

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