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Napoleon and Waterloo: The Emperor’s Campaign with the Armée Du Nord, 1815 [Revised Edition]

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This is the 1936 revised edition of the 1914 two-volume account of Napoleon’s last campaign by Britain’s pre-eminent military historian of the early 20th century, now combined in one handy single volume.

This first part takes the story of the Hundred Days from the Emperor s return from exile in Elba up to his despatch of the incompetent Marshal Grouchy to head off the Prussians while he faced Wellington at Waterloo. The book looks at Napoleon’s strategy and tactics as well as his disposition of his Armée du Nord and the battles of Quatre Bras and Ligny.

The second part looks at the climactic confrontation between Napoleon and Wellington at Waterloo itself and has a number of appendices relating to the great battle, including orders of battle of the French, British, Dutch and Prussian forces engaged and correspondence between Napoleon and Marshals Soult, Davout, Ney and Grouchy.

Contains 11 maps (including 6 new maps).

A must for anyone interested in the Napoleonic wars, and the single volume should make it easier for both the general reader and the student to follow the campaign in its entirety.

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