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The Job Book: Find Yourself and a Job in 30 Days

160 pages1 hour


THE JOB BOOK is a personal career owner’s manual, matching the reader and his/her lifelong career. The book is invaluable for individuals, career and guidance counselors, educators, universities, colleges and life coaches.

The purpose of this book is to restore a feeling of vigor by discovering and defining careers that best fit you and your unique attributes and natural skills that you will want to develop throughout your life.

To accomplish this, we have broken down the information into small, digestible, and very doable steps. This book is meant to be used regularly and referred to over time as a tool for measuring progress.

Several practical exercises are included in each chapter. We encourage you to keep a journal that will serve as a companion to this book so you can do the exercises and track your development. We also provide a link to download the exercise forms.

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