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A New Kind of Zeal 2: The Price of Redemption

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'A New Kind of Zeal 2 - The Price of Redemption' is part of a trilogy, and sequel to 'A New Kind of Zeal'.

Three months have passed since Tristan Blake confronted Joshua Davidson, between the Beehive and Saint Peter’s Cathedral. The Governor General Anita Mayes has taken direct control of New Zealand, sending the humiliated Prime Minister James Connor to the back benches of the New Conservative Party. Rachel Connor has taken up work at Hardwater Hospital in Wellington, while John Robertson, her husband, is spending more and more time in the Cathedral. The Bishop, Mark Blake, has been laid off for improper conduct, but the Anglican Archbishop has chosen to reinstate him.

Selena Blake is reconciled to her father, but hasn’t begun to come to terms with her part in the events of Joshua Davidson.

Alex Kensington remains hidden, disguised behind all the others. He is the key: the mastermind behind Joshua’s demise. But the driving force behind Alex is the spirit of his father: a man who will never be appeased until he achieves, through Alex, total control of New Zealand.

Rau Petera has good news to bring, on the shores of Oriental Bay. But Aotearoa is uneasy: independence has been taken under siege. A new election must take place, formed by the Governor General, but Alex’s father Kensington is moving into position.

Who will rule New Zealand? What forces, in the struggle for independence, might win?

A New Kind of Zeal is both a spiritual and psychological suspense: a travel adventure exploring themes of family, friendship, loss, hope and healing.

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