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A New Kind of Zeal 3: The Crux of Salvation

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A New Kind of Zeal 3 – The Crux of Salvation follows the events of A New Kind of Zeal and A New Kind of Zeal 2 – The Price of Redemption:

Two and a half years have passed since Kensington confronted his son Alex in Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Wellington. Alex has been studying at Victoria University, while the Prime Minister James Connor continues to lead the nation from the Beehive. Rachel Connor has been training to become a Physician, while her husband, John Robertson, remains attached to the Cathedral with Bishop Mark Blake.

Tristan Blake has been watching Alex. The young man, now twenty, is locking himself away in his room in Mark Blake’s home, studying. Tristan sees the legacy of Alex’s past: a past Alex seems to be trying to hide. What might become of him?

Rau Petera remains on the shores of Oriental Bay, offering good news: but Tristan is watching and waiting. The nation has suffered an upheaval, and has settled in a kind of peace – but Tristan is uneasy. Alex’s strength is growing, even as he hides: his potential power over the nation is growing. Tristan sees in Alex his father Kensington: he sees the threat Alex has not yet overcome.

Trouble is brewing overseas; trouble is brewing within. Kensington is beginning to take a greater hold. Powers are rising: the world is at risk of war. What fate will beset the nation? What forces, in the midst of the growing darkness, will win?

A New Kind of Zeal is both a spiritual and psychological suspense: a travel adventure exploring themes of family, friendship, loss, hope and healing.

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