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Standing Stone



Wielder school’s out for the summer, but Jahl, Donya and Rouen can’t seem to get a quiet moment anywhere.

Jahl’s certain Donya is up to some sort of mischief, separate from having their first child any day, and Rouen has received a mysterious package from the young twai wielder they met in Carolan Faire last year.

What starts out as a short trip to the headwaters of the Naigan River turns into one mad dash after another. They chase the Mabra down the river, protect a small mountain predator that has attached itself to Rouen, and face the Martan’s Ferry council.

The council has required the three wielders come to the capital and provide details of their involvement in the death of Master Moln, the imprisonment of the Allandar sisters and their acquisition of a nahrak, a beast known to associate only with the Warder of the Heart of Lal.

Then there’s that tiny issue of their newborn daughter inheriting Jahl’s ability to be a vessel of essence. He might as well give up trying to keep his grimoire up-to-date.

Read the third book in the Standing Stone series because magic has taken on a whole new twist for Jahl, Donya and Rouen.

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